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Dali is an enemy encountered in Daydream Oasis. He is Daydream Oasis's counterpart to Goya.


Dali appears as a bulbous green flower with stubby arms sticking out of his sides. Dali has large white eyes with a multicolored, psychedelic pupil. Dali's bulb is surrounded by red, orange, and yellow petals. He has a long, thick stem that extends into the ground, with thorns sticking out occasionally.

When Dali moves, he burrows beneath the ground, coming up to look around occasionally.


Dali is a minion of Master Lox. Having been assigned to Daydream Oasis, he first appears to U.B. and Marshall. After putting Marshall in a psychedelic trance, he proceeds to attack U.B.

Dali attacks with a cup-and-ball game identical to Goya's. He places an object beneath three cups, mixes the cups, and makes the player choose which cup contains the object. If they succeed, Dali gives the player coins, but takes coins if they fail.

After completing Daydream Oasis's first Dreamcatcher, Marshall will instruct U.B. to use it against Dali on his next appearance. Dali breaks it, however, and the player is required to complete another. Upon using this Dreamcatcher, Dali is permanently defeated, and the player is rewarded with the Daydream Oasis Gem.

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