Fly Catcher

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Fly Catcher is a game located in Funkiki Island's Webley Outpost. It is accessible by the Webley tribe.

Fly Catcher's preview.


The jungles of Funkiki Island are positively infested with bothersome flies! Help Webley catch these pesky flies by using the arrow keys to move around the game board. He'll leave a webline behind him wherever he goes! Connect this webline to the edge of the board to create a completed section of web; flies caught in these sections will be trapped!

Watch out though - don't let the flies cross your webline or you'll lose a life! Keep all 6 of your eyes out for the bonus markers that will appear on the board. A fly-freeze will stop all flies on the board, while a speedy-spider will make Webley go extra fast!

To win the round, web up the amount of the playing field stated before the round begins!


  • At 2,000 points, you will receive 20 coins.
  • At 3,000 points, you will receive 40 coins.
  • At 4,000 points, you will receive 60 coins.
  • At 5,000 points, you will receive 80 coins.
  • At 7,000 points, you will receive 120 coins.
  • At 8,000 points, you will receive 200 coins.


Fly Catcher's trophy.
  • At 5,000 points, you will be able to play Fly Catcher in your Crib's Gameroom.
  • At 4,000 points, you will receive the trophy for Fly Catcher.
  • At 7,000 points, you will receive the Spider Monkey.
  • At 40,000 cumulative points, you will receive the Web Shooter.