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Goya is an enemy encountered in Nightmare Rift. He is Nightmare Rift's counterpart of Dali.


Goya appears as a large, demonic, ape-like creature, similar in body and stature to the Pokemon Darmanitan. Goya has a round, blue body with long, stubby arms in his front and short, rounded feet. His arms have a purple spiral pattern on them, similar to the pattern used on Dream State figure packaging. Goya has a large, wide mouth with many long, pointed teeth. He has a pair of small wings on his back.

When Goya moves, he hops around the zone, using his large arms to propel himself.


Goya is a minion of Master Lox. Having been assigned to Nightmare Rift, he first appears to U.B. and Marshall. After incapacitating Marshall with his odor, he proceeds to attack U.B.

Goya attacks with a cup-and-ball game identical to Dali's. He places an object beneath three cups, mixes the cups, and makes the player choose which cup contains the object. If they succeed, Goya gives the player coins, but takes coins if they fail.

After completing Nightmare Rift's first Dreamcatcher, Marshall will instruct U.B. to use it against Goya on his next appearance. Goya breaks it, however, and the player is required to complete another. Upon using this Dreamcatcher, Goya is permanently defeated, and the player is rewarded with the Nightmare Rift Gem.


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