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Kane is a character who acts as a guide to the Hidden Realm, serving as the zone's deuteragonist. He also acts as an enemy who will occasionally challenge the player.


Kane appears almost identical to the Oni, but with some key differences. Kane's body is white with grey patches instead of the red of the Oni. He wears more ornate body armor, with longer red sleeves, yellow embroidery, and an ornate gold emblem on his chest. Kane's teeth are shorter than an Oni's as well.

Kane wears a large red and grey helmet with yellow accents and a gold emblem on its front. The helmet has two large red horns on top that resemble the horns of a beetle. Beneath this helmet, Kane has a small tuft of orange hair. Kane also carries a red and silver blade with him.


A member of the Oni tribe, Kane is the most powerful combatant of the Oni Dojo. He also leads a team of Oni fighters who currently reign as the undefeated champions of the Dojo (even though they have only ever fought each other).

After the departure of King Sidd, Kane was appointed as the interim leader of the Oni.

Kane first appears to the player after they leave the dirigible and enter the Hidden Realm. Kane gives U.B. a tour of the small territory of the Hidden Realm. As the player approaches the gates, Kane describes how King Sidd created the gates after he ascended the mountain and left Kane in charge. He then follows the player as they seek King Sidd.

Occasionally Kane will challenge the player with a game of rock-paper-scissors. Kane seems to be the most fair of the zones' enemies, as he allows the player to choose how many Coins they will bet. Kane's game is a best of three challenge, and if you win he will give you the same amount as your bet.

After the player defeats Kane in Funkey Fighters with all six of the Hidden Realm's tribes (Singe, Raj, Yang, Bomble, Nectar, and Maul), he rewards the player with the Hidden Realm Gem.


  • Kane is the only enemy character who does not seem to have any evil intent.

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