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King Sidd is a character found in the Hidden Realm.


King Sidd is an Oni, and thus shares most of his design elements with them. He shares their white body, as well as the arrangement of their skin markings and their especially tiny eyes. King Sidd's markings are a light gray color as opposed to red, and he seems to be missing his tusks outright. King Sidd's eyes are always peacefully shut, while a third, much more humanlike blue eye has opened on his forehead, accented with yellow shine marks. This references the idea of opening one's "third eye", considering that Sidd is modeled after a Tibetan monk. He wears nothing but a monk-like draped orange robe that slings over his right shoulder, and his base shape is accessorized with a golden bead necklace. This necklace is seemingly absent from his unreleased figure design.

King Sidd is uniquely posed in a sitting, meditative stance at most times, with his feet curled to the side to mimic a cross-legged stance. He usually floats upon a velvet cushion.

In the past, King Sidd had open, angry eyes, a glimmering golden crown, and no third eye, as he had yet to enlighten himself. He also wore a more complex red set of armor than other Oni, signifying his status.


Long ago, King Sidd became the king of the mountain region known as the Perilous Verge, home to all Oni. It is unknown if Sidd founded this kingdom himself, or simply rose to power in an established region.

When the Great Funkey Wars broke over the land, the Oni were one of many targets of battle from King Kahn and his invasive army. In an effort to shield his people from further conflict, King Sidd instructed his trusted pupil Kane to use a magic known as the Gauzian Blur, which shrouded the Oni's mountaintop fortress in a thick, sightless shroud. After destroying all paths to the Perilous Verge and cutting off contact from the outside world, the land became a Hidden Realm; its trademark dirigibles, and knowledge of the Oni's continued existence, was believed to have been lost to time. The Oni continued to train relentlessly in their dojo, preparing for the event in which the oncoming war might one day dock at their gates again.

King Funkankhamun united the other Funkeys to end the war and begin the Golden Age of Funkeys, but news of this event never reached the Hidden Realm's people. All Oni continued to hone their combat skills day in and day out, a reality that eventually tired King Sidd. Wondering if there could be more to existence, King Sidd eventually scaled to the tallest peak, constructing a magic telescope that could look around the whole of Terrapinia. King Sidd, after countless years, discovered the reality of the outside world, and was so enamored by the united Funkey tribes living in harmony that he became a peaceful, enlightened soul, sprouting a third eye in the process. King Sidd abandoned his crown, appointed Kane as the interim leader of the Oni, and constructed a series of gates up the trail to the peak, hoping that his subjects would understand his "Path of Enlightenment" in an effort to reunite with him.


King Sidd has been missing from the Hidden Realm for an untold period of time. It was by his doing that the dirigibles leading to the Hidden Realm were put back to use; he recruited the Yang, Raj, Singe, and Bomble to join the Oni Dojo, and docked a ship in Funkeystown that U.B. used to reach the Hidden Realm as well. King Sidd remained secluded to his people, hoping that Kane and the rest of the Oni would understand his wisdom.

King Sidd's gates require different Funkeys to be opened. Every distinct Funkey- rarities included- can count for the up to 10 Funkeys necessary to unseal each gate. Funkeys can be repeated if they were used to open previous gates. Behind each gate is a small chunk of the path, which tends to feature new games that any Funkey can play. Behind the final gate is King Sidd himself; talking to him initiates a cutscene in which he explains the lore and history of his people, and he presumably resumes his duties as king afterwards.


  • King Sidd lived through multiple eras of history, and is presumably older than Kane. This means that he is one of the oldest confirmed major characters, if not the oldest.

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