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Warning: Heavy spoilers on this page!

Master Lox is the main antagonist of U.B. Funkeys. He is the presiding villainous force over every zone except Royalton Racing Complex, Hidden Realm, and Funkiki Island.


Master Lox initially appears to be nothing more than a wicked cloaked figure standing at double the stature of any other Funkey, wearing a silver keyhole mask with red eyes and angry eyebrows. His attire is known to blend into shadows, and whisks along the ground just as silently, allowing him to continually make his escape each time he is thwarted.

When all four Gems are restored in the base game's four zones, the ensuing events cause Master Lox's disguise to be busted, at last revealing his true identity as Dr. Tinker- or at least, half of his soul- with the same recognizable green skin, receding white hair, and lab coat. However, his new villainous persona and horrible injuries caused by the Great Disaster required that he mechanize half of his face with an iron plate, giving him an artificial eye reminiscent of a Henchman's searchlight. His other visible eye, revealed to be quite small without his spectacles, has an angry eyebrow, and is lashed with a horrible white scar.


Dr. Tinker and Mayor Sayso grew up as brothers in Paradox Green. Where Sayso was born with a penchant for leading and speeches, Tinker gravitated to the sciences, becoming the chief Funkey engineer, and accomplishing a number of great successes (as well as embarrassing failures). While some of his creations, like the Sprocket, the Maul, and Oasic (a failed eyedrop that dried out the eyes of all Tank) would fail to achieve what he had hoped, Tinker's claim to fame came in the creation of the Portal system. Combining the workforce of Funkeys united by the Great Funkey Wars, notably the Xener, and powering the contraptions with crystal Gems, the incredible new form of transportation was a success, and Funkeys were free to warp between various stations across the planet at will. Tinker was, even then, unhappy with making Portals only to places that exist, and, when positing why there weren't Portals to places that didn't exist, constructed a Dream Machine to bring to life Daydream Oasis, a new landscape forged of the good dreams of all Funkeys. Accidentally, an opposing landmass, Nightmare Rift, came about as its complement. Funkeys tribes like the Tank quickly moved to Daydream Oasis to enjoy what it could offer, while feared tribes like the Vlurp stationed themselves in Nightmare Rift. Dr. Tinker created the Portals by harnessing the In-Between, though only Angus is credited as actually having been able to explore it. This makes Dr. Tinker unintentionally responsible for creating Funkey Familiars, who manifest in the In-Between after cells from teleporting Funkeys get left behind.

Dr. Tinker, unbeknownst to anyone, was a complex, two-sided Funkey with equal amounts of genuine love and passion for his people as he was a greedy, reckless mad doctor. Prompted, at some point, by a thirst for power, Dr. Tinker removed the Gems from the Portal system and attempted to flee with them using the main station. Attempting to teleport all of the Gems back through the systems they were already powering created an energy feedback loop that devastated the Portals and fried their systems rapidly; the entire system, and all the Gems powering it, erupted in a worldwide destruction event that came to be known as the Great Disaster. While some Gems, like Funkiki's, remained intact, most Gems split into shards, and all Gems were ultimately lost, as was Dr. Tinker. The event, unbeknownst to anyone, had split the scientist into distinct halves. The sweet and genuine side, naming himself Doc, returned to his homeland to tend to the Gnomon Tree. His villainous side, harboring disdain for the uniqueness of Funkeys and demanding total control and order, hid his disfigured face under the mechanical suit of Master Lox.

Master Lox, as of the events of the game, commands his army of Henchmen from the shadows, evading capture every time U.B. completes a realm's Gem and destroys the patrolling Henchmen. He can no longer flee once all four areas are cleared, however, and Mayor Sayso and his Funkey resistance force finally corner him in Funkeystown, unveiling his disguise and learning his backstory. Tinker escapes capture before he can be made to unseal the Portals and game rooms, vanishing in an unknown orange Portal somewhere in the city. At some point before or after this, he filled Paradox Green with the Henchmen 2.0, and turned two Gems into the illusory minions Dali and Goya to patrol Daydream Oasis and Nightmare Rift respectively.

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