Mayor Sayso (Character)

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Mayor Sayso is a major character in U.B. Funkeys, acting as the player's guide as they first enter Funkeystown. He can be seen working at the information center at the station. Mayor Sayso is a playable character that you can buy and use in your game, along with Master Lox and the Henchmen.

Mayor Sayso as he appears in the cutscene when first using his figure.



Sayso was born and raised in Paradox Green, where he lived with his brother, the esteemed Dr. Tinker.

At some point, Sayso was elected as mayor of Funkeystown.

After The Great Disaster, Sayso became the head of F.A.R.T., the resistance against Master Lox's fascist regime.

When U.B. first arrives in Funkeystown, Sayso greets them and introduces them to the regions of Terrapinia. He then guides U.B. in their adventure through Funkeystown, Magma Gorge, Kelpy Basin, and Laputta Station.

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