Mayor Sayso (Figure)

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Mayor Sayso
Series Dream States
Zone Funkeystown
Game Room None
Game None
Rarities Common

Mayor Sayso is a special Funkey released in the Funkeystown Adventure Pack. Mayor Sayso grants the player access to any room and shop in Funkeystown, Magma Gorge, Kelpy Basin, and Laputta Station.



In-Game Description

Mayor Sayso is not only the mayor of Funkeystown; he is also the twin brother of the late Dr. Tinker. While Tinker was born a genius with all things technical, Sayso was instead blessed with being gifted in both politics and diplomacy. Despite this gift though, Sayso has cultivated an appearance of being an easily distracted, mostly harmless figurehead of Funkey culture.

While the mayor of Funkeystown comes off as being a bit absent minded and harmless, this appearance is a highly calculated act by the mayor. Mayor Sayso has the ability to listen well and comprehend all of the different tribes of Funkeys. He has a deep understanding of Funkey nature and its diversity, and uses wisdom at all times, communicating with respect when dealing with each Funkey's differences. This acute sense of diplomacy makes Mayor Sayso a key player in the direction of Funkeys culture.

The mayor is in fact the mastermind and key architect behind the Funkeys Association for Resisting Tyranny, or F.A.R.T., as it is commonly known. F.A.R.T.'s mission is to defeat the forces of Master Lox and remove his foul stench of conformity from Terrapinia! With their code of silence, secret meeting locations, and extensive training in espionage techniques, the members of F.A.R.T. are known for being silent but deadly.

Master Lox's evil henchmen are constantly sniffing around Funkeystown trying to discover the secret hideout of the F.A.R.T. and discover who their leader is. If Sayso's position as the leader of F.A.R.T. was known by Master Lox, he would be in grave danger. In order to fool the minions of Master Lox, the mayor portrays himself as a bumbling old bureaucrat, a seemingly harmless Funkey who in no way could be responsible for F.A.R.T.

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal - 248

Usage in-game

Mayor Sayso can access all areas in Funkeystown and shop at their markets. While he cannot access any portals himself, by using Funkeys from Magma Gorge, Laputta Station and Kelpy Basin to access their respective portals, or using a Jammer, Mayor Sayso can then enter and shop at the markets located in those worlds. While he can access the game rooms, he cannot play their games.

Funkeys will also say exclusive lines specific to Mayor Sayso when clicked.


  • Mayor Sayso grants the player access to a demo of Dot's game.
  • For some reason, Mayor Sayso cannot enter the Rom Nexus in Laputta Station.

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