Henchman (Figure)

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Series Dream States
Realm Funkeystown
Game Room The Villain's Den
Game Coin Cascade
Rarities Common

Henchman is a special Funkey released with the Funkeystown Adventure Pack.


The Henchman's design is based on a searchlight or security camera. The Henchman has a metallic silver body with a cylindric head, having a black face with a colored pupil. Its body has various panel lines along it, with a colored "H" emblem at the center. It also has black hands and feet with colored accents.

The Henchman has no rarity. However, it has different colors based on what realm it is from. Henchman from Funkeystown have purple accents; Magma Gorge Henchmen have red; Kelpy Basin Henchmen have blue; and Laputta Station Henchmen have green.

In-Game Description

The Henchmen prey on the population of Terrapinia, stealing Funkeys' hard-earned coins. They claim it's a "travel tax," but it's just robbery!

The Henchmen are mechanical minions of Master Lox, and embody everything that Master Lox is trying to impose upon the Funkeys. They all look the same, and follow orders without question. If it were up to Master Lox, the Funkeys would be turned into Henchmen!

It has been discovered lately, though, that Master Lox had tinkered with the construction and manufacturing of his Henchmen for a long time before settling on their final design. Blueprints for some of the early prototypes have recently been discovered deep in a cave in Magma Gorge that show Master Lox's first plans for his Henchmen.

We can assume that Master Lox was new at the whole "evil genius overlord" thing when designing his initial Henchman prototypes, because the early models were really quite laughable. While the actual details of the blueprints are highly classified and kept secret in a secret vault in the Funkeystown underground, certain blurry images showing these prototypes have been leaked to U.F.U.N.K. Studios. If you look closely at these images, you can make out fuzzy bunny ears, traces of lace, an argyle sweater and a big smiling grin... not exactly something that would strike fear in the hearts of Funkeys!

While the prototype Henchmen were not particularly frightening, the Henchmen which now infest Terrapinia are cold and calculating machines. Beware of any Henchmen you might see, and definitely avoid contact with them if you want to keep your coins!

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal (Red) - 207


  • The Henchman figure is only available in its Magma Gorge coloration.

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