Dr. Tinker

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Warning: Heavy spoilers on this page!

Dr. Tinker as shown in the Welcome to Funkeystown cutscene next to one of his portals.

Dr. Tinker is a key character in the history of U.B. Funkeys.


Dr. Tinker in his original form has green skin and neat gray hair. He wears a pair of large black goggles over his eyes, and he bears a stoic expression. Tinker wears black gloves and shoes, as well as a stark white lab coat.

As his evil persona, Tinker retains his same outfit, but his goggles has been removed. In replacement, he wears a black and red robotic sensor over his left eye. His right eye is bare with the exception of a jagged scar. Evil Tinker wears an angry expression.

As the caretaker of the Gnomon Tree, Tinker has shed his gloves and coat in favor of a plain white t-shirt, over which he wears a brown apron. His goggles still remain, and he wears a brown gardener's hat. The caretaker has a happy expression.


Dr. Tinker was born in Paradox Green, where he spent his childhood with his brother Sayso.

At a young age, Tinker created the first Sprocket and entered it into his school science fair.

Years later, Dr. Tinker was responsible for creating the portal system. Powered by four crystal Gems, the portals linked the distant, varying regions of Terrapinia, from Kelpy Basin in the depths of the ocean to Laputta Station on the edge of space.

Later, Dr. Tinker had a radical idea: If the portals could go to anywhere that did exist, why couldn't they go to places that didn't? After coming up with this idea, he began to develop a system that would enter locations only found in the dreams of Funkeys. Tapping into the Funkey subconscious, he discovered the Daydream Oasis, where there are only good things, and the Nightmare Rift, where there are only bad things.

After this new development, Tinker continued his varying experiments. One such experiment was known as Oasic, which resulted in the Tank tribe losing the ability to produce tears.

The Great Disaster

Years after developing the portal system, Tinker grew mad and desired greater power. In an attempt to seize this, Tinker took the four Gems from the portals' power station at the center of Funkeystown. This attempt failed, resulting in a massive explosion that caused heavy damage to the portals and presumably killing Dr. Tinker. Contrary to popular belief, he survived, but his persona was torn into two distinct halves. One of these was completely good and altruistic, while the other was entirely evil and fascist.

His evil half forcefully took power. Under his new identity, Master Lox, he closed most portals, restricting the realms to their native Funkeys, and began developing his armies of Henchmen to "tax" the Funkeys.

His good half, out of fear of what would happen to his homeland, fled to Paradox Green. There he became the caretaker of the Gnomon Tree, tending to its roots and protecting it from the Henchmen 2.0.