Royalton Racing Complex

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Royalton Racing Complex
Funkeys 9 (3 unreleased)
Games 8
Shops 2
Cleaning Stations 1
Portals 1
Access to Funkeystown

The Royalton Racing Complex is a realm added with the Speed Racer tie-in expansion.




Royalton Industries Building

The Royalton Industries Building is a large building in the northeast of the Royalton Racing Complex. It has various rooms including a slide-viewing room, a vehicle development room which holds information on the Speed Racer Funkeys, and Cannonball Taylor's Player's Lounge.

Racer Motors

Racer Motors is the game room of Speed Racer. It houses Racer Motor's Storeroom, Speed Racer's Grand Prix, and Speed Racer's Pinball.

Racer X Garage

Racer X Garage is the game room of Racer X. It houses Racer X Depot and Racer X Rumble.

Team Hydracell Den

Team Hydracell Den is the game room of Snake Oiler. It houses The Snake Pit and Snake Oiler's Casa Christo 5000.

Trixie's Heli-pad

Trixie's Heli-pad is the game room of Trixie. It houses Trixie's Boutique and Trixie's Helicopter Rescue.

Chim-Chim's Treehouse

Chim-Chim's Treehouse is the game room of Chim-Chim. It houses Chim-Chim's Emporium and Chim-Chim's Cookie Caper.

Cannonball Taylor's Player's Lounge

Cannonball Taylor's Player Lounge is the game room of Cannonball Taylor. It houses Cannonball's Cache and Cannonball Taylor's Grand Prix.

Togokahn Motors

Togokahn Motors is the game room of Taejo. It houses Taejo's Vault and Taejo's Casa Christo 5000.


Con's Custom Cars


Cleaning Stations

Emergency Track Vehicle



2.x: Introduced.