Jerry Pearl (Figure)

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Jerry Pearl
Series Dream States
Zone Funkiki Island
Game Room None
Game None
Rarities Common

Jerry Pearl is a special Funkey released in the Funkiki Island Adventure Pack. Jerry gives the player access to all rooms and shops of Funkiki Island.



In-Game Description

Jerry Pearl is the number one tour guide, beach bum, and local legend of Funkiki Island. However, looking at Jerry, with his torn shirt, ratty sandals and all around mellow vibe, it’s hard to believe that he was once the hard partying singer and lead guitarist in the most famous band in all Terrapinia, AOXOMOXOA.

As a youth, Jerry was fascinated by all things musical, and would hang around Da Scratch Club and U.F.U.N.K. Studios learning tips and techniques from all of the famous touring Funkey musicians that stopped through Funkeystown. Hanging around such a wide “Cast of Characters” Jerry developed quite a broad range of musical tastes, and was determined to combine these different musical styles to create his own sound.

When he formed AOXOMOXOA with his good friends Lesh Dyer, Waggs Weir, and Pigpen Deuce, the combined elements of Rock, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Reggae, Country, Jazz, Psychedelia, and Polka to form their own musical style they called “Funk Fusion”.

With their incredible live performances, and extended jam sessions Jerry and the AOXOMOXOA quickly gained a loyal following of Funkey Fanatics who called themselves “Funkheads” the Funkheads would loyally follow the band wherever they traveled in Terrapinia. With this loyal following of Funkheads and the circus-like feel of their live shows AOXOMOXOA became the most famous Funkey Band in history and toured constantly for many years.

Tired from the years of constant touring, and needing to recharge his batteries, Jerry traveled to the beautiful island of Funkiki for what was supposed to be a simple two week vacation. However, during his vacation, the Great Disaster occurred, and all portals throughout Terrapinia were broken, leaving Jerry stranded on Funkiki.

Enjoying the laid back lifestyle of Funkiki after so many years of touring with his band, Jerry decided he would stay in Funkiki for a while. A while turned into many years, and Jerry became accustomed to his new Beach Bum lifestyle. Now, with the portals being locked, if Jerry leaves Funkiki, he could probably never come back, so Funkiki is now his permanent home!

A bit sun-baked and scatterbrained because he’s been on vacation for so long, Jerry tends to lose his train of thought, and has been known to pepper his speech with the ample us of “Dude”, “Whoa”, and “Huh?” Despite this though, Jerry is a great Funkey friend to have, and is very grateful for the blessed life he is living!

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal - 241


  • The hat on Jerry's figure can be removed and placed on other figures.

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