Bombastic Billiards

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Bombastic Billiards is a multiplayer game located in Nightmare Rift's Snipe HQ. It is accessible by the Snipe tribe.

Bombastic Billiards' preview.


In order to remain prepared, the Snipe practice their aim and accuracy by playing Bombastic Billiards. Click and hold the cue stick. Choose your angle and strength by dragging the cue stick around the cue ball. Your ball-type is displayed next to your avatar in the lower area of the screen. Try and hit all of your balls in and finally the 8 ball before your opponent does.

Don't scratch on the break or while shooting the 8 ball. Your opponent will automatically win if you do.

If you want to put some spin on your ball, try putting some English on it. To do this, before you set up your shot, move your mouse over the white ball under the power meter. Simply move the red dot to where you want to hit the cue ball and click on it to save the spot.


  • At 2,000 points, you will receive 32 coins.
  • At 4,000 points, you will receive 64 coins.
  • At 4,500 points, you will receive 88 coins.
  • At 5,000 points, you will receive 96 coins.


Bombastic Billiards' trophy.
  • At 4,000 points, you will be able to play Bombastic Billiards in your Crib's Gameroom.
  • At 4,500 points, you will receive the trophy for Bombastic Billiards.
  • At 5,000 points, you will receive the F.A.R.S.E Pool Table.
  • At 50,000 cumulative points, you will receive a Dreamcatcher ring.