Daydream Oasis

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Daydream Oasis
Funkeys 4
Games 4
Shops 2
Cleaning Stations 2
Portals 4
Enemy Dali
Access to Funkeystown, Laputta Station, Nightmare Rift

Daydream Oasis is a realm released with the Dream States expansion.


Daydream Oasis is a realm born out of all of the pleasant dreams of the Funkeys. It combines aspects of beauty and adventure with those of relaxation and gluttony.

The region in the northwest is known as the Cumulus Caves. This region is made of soft clouds overtop pointy mountain peaks, with each cloud connected by a series of rainbow bridges. Many creatures, such as goats and bears, populate this range, and there is even a pot filled with coins at the end of one of the many rainbows. At the center of this field is Lucky Palace.

The region in the northeast is called the Great Dairy Divide. This is an area made of deserts and other foods. A river of chocolate cuts through a landscape of pink frosting, and confections such as cakes and cheeses dot the surface. At the center of this field of gluttony is Berger Haus.

The southeast section is known as the Fractal Sea. The upper half consists of a hill of cubes with iridescent orbs bouncing along them, as well as standalone doors that lead into each other. Below this is a snaking tree with various bells and chimes. At the bottom, the land splits into various peninsulas jutting into a gleaming sea. One has a cleaning station, while a second has a pile of rocks to skip on the ocean. At the edge of a third lies the Tank Funkmarine.

The southwest section is called the Fungi Forest. This is a vast forest populated by colorful giant mushrooms. A stream trickles through, and at its center lies Dyer Digs.


Tank Funkmarine

Tank Funkmarine is the game room of the Tank tribe, located in the southeast quadrant. Tank Funkmarine houses the Tank Mart and Coral Cruiser.

Dyer Digs

Dyer Digs is the game room of the Dyer tribe, located in the southwest quadrant. Dyer Digs houses the Dyer Mart and Jongg Challenge.

Lucky Palace

Lucky Palace is the game room of the Lucky tribe, located in the northwest quadrant. Lucky Palace houses the Lucky Mart and Rainbow Shootout.

Berger Haus

Berger Haus is the game room of the Berger tribe, located in the northeast quadrant. Berger Haus houses the Berger Mart and Scoop Stacker.


Sweet Tooth Treasures

Sweet Tooth Treasures is a shop located in the Great Dairy Divide. It contains items such as:

  • tba

Harmony Outlet

Harmony Outlet is a shop located on the Cumulus Caves. It sells items such as:

  • Microphones
  • Brick Wallpaper
  • Drumsets
  • Blue Grand Pianos
  • Polka Dot Wallpaper
  • Synthesizers
  • Basses
  • Piano Benches

Cleaning Stations

Daydream Oasis contains two cleaning stations.


The Rainmaker sits on the coast of the Fractal Sea.

He looks happy... I wonder what his secret is?

This cleaning station sits in the Fungi Forest.



The portal to Funkeystown sits at the top section of the Fractal Sea.

Laputta Station

The portal to Laputta Station sits in the Fungi Forest.

Nightmare Rift

The portal to Nightmare Rift sits in the Great Dairy Divide.

Broken Portal

A broken portal sits on the shore of the Fractal Sea.



  • The Fractal Sea contains references to several famous optical illusions. First is the Necker Cube, which is a cube that gives no visual queues for its orientation. Another is the Penrose stairs, a square-shaped set of stairs which infinitely loops despite being connected to itself.
  • The phrase "Ceci n'est pas une Funkey," which translates to "This is not a Funkey," is a reference to 'The Treachery of Images', a surrealist painting by Belgian artist René Magritte.


3.1: Introduced.