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U.B. is the default Funkey and the player's avatar.


U.B. is a white funkey with a grey face. He has large black eyes and a grey and white "f" on his stomach.

The physical U.B. hub has several appearances, including:

  • Default white appearance
  • Pink and white (Limited Too "Justice" exclusive)
  • White with pink designs (Toys "R" Us exclusive)
  • Black with grey designs (Argos exclusive)
  • White with purple designs (Dream States Starter Pack)
  • White with racing gear (Speed Racer Starter Pack)
  • White with bamboo and a dragon (Hidden Realm Starter Pack)


U.B. is a Funkey with a very special characteristic: He can change into any Funkey. This is done by placing any Funkey figure onto the U.B. hub figure. On his own, U.B. can enter very few portals or game rooms.

Without cheating, you will need a U.B. to play the game, even if you don't have any other Funkeys.


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  • Each starter pack has its own unique variant of U.B.
  • Excluding adventure packs, U.B. is the only playable Funkey to not have its own game room.
  • Despite physical differences, regardless of the Hub, U.B. will always have the traditional white and grey appearance
  • Regardless of the Funkey being used, U.B. is always depicted as the player character in cutscenes.