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U.B. is the default Funkey and the player's avatar.

Hub Appearance

The physical U.B. hub has several appearances, including:

  • Default white appearance
  • Pink and white (Limited Too "Justice" exclusive)
  • White with pink designs (Toys "R" Us exclusive)
  • Black with grey designs (Argos exclusive)
  • White with purple designs (Dream States Starter Pack)
  • White with racing gear (Speed Racer Starter Pack)
  • White with bamboo and a dragon (Hidden Realm Starter Pack)


U.B. is a Funkey with a very special characteristic: they can change into any Funkey. This is done by placing any Funkey figure onto the U.B. hub figure. On their own, U.B. can enter very few portals or game rooms. U.B.'s physical description is very simple; their skin is white, and they have a gray face with beady eyes and a gray belly icon with the series' "f" logo on it. As for U.B.'s other characteristics, very little is known; U.B. has no known gender, but is stated to be a young Funkey by many NPCs. Despite U.B.'s youth, they live independently. U.B.'s voice in the Wendy's Disc is especially youthful-sounding, with excited speech inflections.

Without cheating, you will need a U.B. to play the game, even if you don't have any other Funkeys.


U.B. is a silent protagonist who moves into a new Crib in Funkeystown, and is immediately greeted by the friendly Mayor Sayso, who introduces the young Funkey to the world of Terrapinia and explains the recent history of Master Lox and the Great Disaster. Being encouraged to explore Terrapinia and reveal its secrets, U.B. sets out to find the missing Gem Shards that can restore the Portals and defeat Master Lox's Henchmen. U.B. is successfully able to free Funkeystown, Kelpy Basin, Magma Gorge, and Laputta Station from the Henchmen, and pulls off Master Lox's cloak afterwards while he is cornered, revealing his identity. The villain escapes afterwards, and U.B.'s adventure continues.

U.B., upon visiting Funkiki Island, is made aware of the strange behavior of the island's Natives, and investigates by making their way up to their volcanic village after being rewarded special items from the local tribes of Funkeys. After offering the Pineapple King a golden gift, U.B. is told the tale of the agitated volcano, and realizes that the Funkiki Gem is inside, causing the activity. Using the collected items, U.B. retrieves the Gem, and is crowned as an official member of the tribe. U.B.'s tribe name is Kulia-Puka-Pow, which translates to "George."

U.B. is later teamed up with the mysterious Marshall, a vigilante who guides the young Funkey through the Dream States. U.B. is pursued by Dali and Goya, minions of Master Lox; after learning how to channel their inner power through the Dreamcatchers, the enemies are transformed back into the Gems they were born from.

After having the strange dirigible brought to their attention by a nervous mayor, U.B. travels to the Hidden Realm, where their physical might is mocked by Kane. U.B. transforms into the Funkey warrior tribes currently visiting, beating Kane six separate times, and earning his trust, as well as the area's Gem. U.B. also allies with a number of Funkey tribes to take on King Sidd's Path of Enlightenment, meeting the king himself, hearing his tale, and achieving some form of zen.

U.B. then travels to Paradox Green, immediately being made aware of the attacking Henchmen 2.0. Using the dangerous items rewarded to them by the local tribes, U.B. demolishes each mechanical minion attacking the Gnomon Tree, learning Doc's secret before leaving the zone to pursue new adventures.

In the Wendy's Discs, U.B. is not a silent protagonist, but rather a unique, defined character with a speaking role in the cutscenes. In the first story, U.B. seeks to impress their friends with a new car. They visit Con in the Royalton Racing Complex, buying a car that Con advertises as his best deal. U.B. naively continues to believe that Con was an amiable fellow, but is disappointed to realize that when Con said that owning one of these cars is like owning two, he meant it literally; when the car turns a sharp corner, it physically duplicates itself, leaving U.B. with little room in their garage to hold the cloning car. Regardless, U.B. takes a Sprocket and Lucky on a road trip with the car setting up the Car Conga game. In the second story, U.B. feels dysphoria about their appearance, thinking that all the tribes of Terrapinia are comparatively more cool and colorful than U.B. is. Hoping to find a hat to spruce up their personal style, U.B. first approaches Kane, who refuses to give the child his hat, but reveals that the helmet was earned through rigorous combat, signifying his power and status. Kane invites U.B. to spar in the Oni Dojo to earn a hat of their own, but a startled U.B. refuses. Marshall is the next character U.B. approaches for a hat, but Marshall informs U.B. that the hat he wears was custom-made, and signifies his role as a vigilante. Once Marshall posits the idea that wearing his hat would make potential foes confuse U.B. for himself, U.B. understands the risk involved, and dejectedly leaves. Mayor Sayso, who accidentally eavesdropped on the conversation, asks U.B. what the great Dr. Tinker would do in this situation. U.B. misinterprets this advice, and returns to Mayor Sayso cloaked in Master Lox's disguise. Mayor Sayso explains that every Funkey, including U.B., is most special on the inside, and many Funkeys likely look up to U.B. the same way they look up to the other tribes. U.B. feels more confident about their style, but later dons their Pineapple King-style hat as "Kulia-Puka-Pow" in the Native Outpost anyway, claiming that the hat makes playing Funkeys games more fun. This sets up the Pineapple Smash game.


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  • Each starter pack has its own unique variant of U.B.
  • Excluding adventure packs, U.B. is the only playable Funkey to not have its own game room.
  • Despite physical differences, regardless of the Hub, U.B. will always have the traditional white and grey appearance. U.B. was planned to mimic the appearance of the Hub being used; this feature was apparently so close to being legitimately implemented that Jeff Bruneau on a live interview was surprised to be reminded that the Hub does not, in fact, change U.B.'s appearance.
  • Regardless of the Funkey being used, U.B. is always depicted as the player character in cutscenes.
  • The player may visually appear as the Funkeys being used on the Hub, but canonically, they are almost all U.B. using their power to transform. The only playable characters that are not actually U.B. in disguise are Mayor Sayso, Jerry Pearl, Native, and Pineapple King. Unreleased cutscenes prove that the cut characters Thug and E.P. Royalton would also have not been U.B. in disguise. Among Warner Bros' demands for the unreleased DC Heroes expansion was that unique transitions must be animated for the playable DC characters so as to ensure that the characters are not U.B.- or each other- in disguise.