Laputta Station

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Laputta Station
Funkeys 5
Games 4
Shops 2
Cleaning Stations 1
Portals 3
Enemy Henchman
Access to Funkeystown, Daydream Oasis

Laputta Station is a realm included with the base game.






Rom Nexus

Rom Nexus is the game room of the Rom tribe, located right next to the Funkeystown portal. It houses Rom-Market and Rom Chat.

Room de Vroom

Room de Vroom is the game room of the Vroom tribe, located in the center of the realm. It houses Vroom-Mart and Super Vroom-Ball.

Fallout Compound

Fallout Compound is the game room of the Fallout tribe, located in the southwest corner of the realm. It houses Fallout-Mart and Fusion Folley.

Xener Landing

Xener Landing is the game room of the Xener tribe, located in the northwest corner of the realm. It houses Xener-Mart and Invasion!!!.

Boggle Den

Boggle Den is the game room of the Boggle tribe, located in the northeast corner of the realm. It houses Boggle-Mart and Get Outta My Stew!.


Electronics Emporium

Electronics Emporium is a store that sells various technological goods. It contains items such as:

  • Computers
  • 20Qs
  • Bigscreens

Watchamacallits and Widgets

Cleaning Stations

The Vaporizer



The portal to Funkeystown is located in the lower east quarter of the map, just below Rom Nexus.

Daydream Oasis

The portal to Daydream Oasis is located at the top of the map, just east of Xener Landing.

Broken Portal

A broken portal is located in the bottom left corner of the map, just below Fallout Compound.



  • Laputta Station's name may be derived from Laputa, a floating island from the novel Gulliver's Travels.


Base Game: Introduced.

3.0: Added Rom Nexus and portal to Nightmare Rift.