Funkiki Island

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Funkiki Island
Funkeys 8
Games 5
Shops Test
Cleaning Stations 1
Portals 3
Enemy Native
Access to Funkeystown, Magma Gorge, Kelpy Basin

Funkiki Island is a realm released with the Funkiki Island expansion.






Relaxation Resort

Relaxation Resort is the Game Room of the Sol tribe. Relaxation Resort houses Sol-Market and Sunshine Links.

Webley Outpost

Webley Outpost is the Game Room of the Webley tribe. Webley Outpost houses Webley-Market and Fly Catcher.

Chum Divers

Chum Divers is the Game Room of the Nibble tribe. Chum Divers houses Nibble-Market and Pearl Diver.

Flurry Lodge

Flurry Lodge is the Game Room of the Flurry tribe. Flurry Lodge houses Flurry-Market and Hectic Half-Pipe.

Rewind Roost

Rewind Roost is the Game Room of the Rewind tribe. Rewind Roost houses Rewind-Market and Rewind Chat.

Funkiki Native Outpost

The Funkiki Native Outpost is the Game Room for the Natives and Pineapple King. The Funkiki Native Outpost has no shop and simply houses Eruption!!!.


Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials is a shop that sells various beachwear. It contains items such as:

  • Umbrellas
  • Coolers
  • Sandcastles
  • Beach Towels

Postcard shop

The Funkiki Island Postcard Shop would allow players to send Funkiki Island themed postcards to an email address for 5 coins

Pineapple King shop

The Pineapple King's shop is located on top of the volcano. This shop sells exclusive items that can only be purchased with Coconuts.

Cleaning Stations

Beach showers



The portal to Funkeystown is located in the northwest section of the map, just west of the snow.

Magma Gorge

The portal to Magma Gorge is south of Chum Divers, located in a clearing in the jungle.

Kelpy Basin

The portal to Kelpy Basin is located in the southeast corner of the map, just past the lighthouse.



  • Funkiki Island is the only realm to have its own unique cutscene music.


2.0: Introduced.

3.0: Rewind Roost added.

3.1: Funkiki Native Outpost added.