Sunshine Links

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Sunshine Links is a game located in Funkiki Island's Relaxation Resort. It is accessible to the Sol tribe.

Sunshine Links' preview.


Nothing beats a relaxing game of mini-golf on the beach! The Sol have designed these 18 holes in order to do just that! To play, first place the golf ball anywhere on the starting mat and click the mouse. Once the ball is placed, your cursor will switch to a golf club, and you can aim your shot. A white arrow will appear showing the direction and power of your intended shot. The longer the white arrow is, the harder you will hit the ball. Using the mouse, move the golf club to set up your desired shot. Press the left button on the mouse to shoot the ball!


  • At 150 points, you will receive 20 coins.
  • At 3,000 points, you will receive 30 coins.
  • At 10,000 points, you will receive 50 coins.
  • At 20,000 points, you will receive 80 coins.
  • At 30,000 points, you will receive 100 coins.


Sunshine Links's trophy.
  • At 123 points, you will receive the trophy for Sunshine Links.
  • At 130 points, you will be able to play Sunshine Links in your Crib's Gameroom.
  • At 135 points, you will receive the Funkey Monkey.
  • At 1,040 cumulative points, you will receive the Helios Mask.