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Series Base Game
Realm Magma Gorge
Game Room Bones Clubhouse
Game Bones Fishin' Hole
Rarities Common, Rare, Very Rare

Bones is a Funkey released with the base game. The Bones tribe is native to Magma Gorge.


Bones is based on a skeleton. Bones has a skull, eight ribs, two bones in each arm, and three bones in each foot. It also has a colored area around the bones. However, it is unclear whether this represents flesh or something else.

Common Bones is black, Rare Bones is red, and Very Rare Bones is white.

In-Game Description

The Bones are what they are. They don't hide their feelings or thoughts from anyone. But it’s easy to get under their skin making them often grumpy and disgruntled.

The phrase "you old bucket of bones" has come to mean someone who is in a bad mood, and if you “have a bone to pick” you are upset about something. But make no bones about it, they still have fun.

Most doctors in Terrapinia are Bones and they are accomplished at playing piano. Their favorite pastime is fishing, although their catch is often just skin and bones.

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal (Black) - 50
  • Rare (Red) - 51
  • Very Rare (White) - 52


To any Funkey

  • Hello! My Name Is Bones
  • Other Funkey's tell me not to be so thin skinned, but how can I help it?
  • Why are Waggs always trying to bury me?
  • You'd be a grumpy Funkey too if you were just skin and bones.
  • I feel like you're looking right through me.
  • If you have a bone to pick with a Funkey, don't use one of mine.

To U.B.

  • Nothing personal kid, but U.B.s really have a way of getting under my skin.

To Master Lox

  • Master Lox! You scared me outta of my skin!

To Henchman

  • A Tax Collector? Now where would I hide any coins? (The coins you see are the coins you get)

To Mayor Sayso

  • Mayor Sayso! Just the Funkey I want to complain to.

To Jerry Pearl

  • Jerry, you old lazybones! When are we going to go fishing again?

To Pineapple King

  • Hey, your royal heiny. I think one of your tribe is using my leg bones as drumsticks.

To Native

  • You want me to pay island tax in coconuts? You Natives really should have your head dresses X-Rayed.



Base Game: Introduced.