Snake Oiler

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Snake Oiler
Series Speed Racer
Zone Royalton Racing Complex
Game Room Team Hydracell Den
Game Snake Oiler's Casa Christo 5000
Rarities Common, Rare, Very Rare

Snake Oiler is a Funkey released with the Speed Racer tie-in expansion. Snake Oiler is native to the Royalton Racing Complex.



In-Game Description

Racing for the Hydracell Team, Snake Oiler is one of the League’s most dubious characters. Known to be unstable (and some even say “crazy”), this is definitely one slippery character that you don’t want to messsssss with!

Although the officials of the Funkeys Racing League have yet to be able to prove any foul-play, Snake has earned the reputation of being one of the League’s most notorious cheaters. Cold blooded like a serpent, Snake coils and strikes his opponents without hesitation or remorse.

Like all villains, despite all his foul venom, Snake is truly a cowardly driver. When confronted with an opponent with real racing skills such as Speed Racer or the mysterious Racer X , rather than rise to the challenge, he’ll find a way to cheat his way through it. Maybe this is why he has never once qualified for the Funkey Grand Prix.

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal - 139
  • Rare - 140
  • Very Rare - 141


  • In the Speed Racer movie, Snake Oiler is portrayed by Christian Oliver. Snake Oiler is an enemy racer who Speed faces off against during the Casa Cristo 5000. Oiler commonly wears snakeskin during his races.


2.x: Introduced.