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Series Speed Racer
Zone Royalton Racing Complex
Game Room Togokahn Motors
Game Taejo's Casa Christo 5000
Rarities Common

Taejo is an unreleased Funkey. Taejo is native to the Royalton Racing Complex.



In-Game Description

The son of Tetsua Togokahn, owner of Togokahn Motors, Taejo races not only for his team, but also for the glory of his family! Although he is a member of the Togokahn Clan, Taejo has earned his position as the captain of the Togokahn Motors Racing Team through his incredible racing skills and fearless attitude.

As a profitable company, Togokahn Motors is always in danger of a corporate takeover from greedy companies like Royalton Industries. Taejo has vowed to keep his father’s company in the family and drives each race as if the company is at stake!

This single minded dedication to his family sometimes blurs the lines between good and bad when it comes to Taejo’s motives. You never know if he is your friend or has alternative motives.

Data Values

  • Normal - 148
  • Rare - 159


  • A prototype model of Taejo exists, having sold on eBay once for several hundred dollars. It's common and, very rare are currently under the possession of D3spair_Bear.
  • In the Speed Racer movie, Taejo Togokahn is portrayed by Rain. In the film, Taejo is the representative of the independent Togokahn Motors, and allies himself with Speed and Racer Motors to stay independent against Royalton Industries.


2.x: Introduced.