Magma Gorge

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Magma Gorge
Funkeys 4
Games 4
Shops 2
Cleaning Stations 1
Portals 4
Enemy Henchman
Access to Funkeystown, Funkiki Island, Nightmare Rift

Magma Gorge is a realm included with the base game.


Magma Gorge is a realm located in a volcanic area. It is mostly rocky, complemented by caverns and stalactites in the east and lava flows in the west.

The eastern half has various rounded rock formations with settlements carved into them. The Double Deuce Diner lies in the center, between two shops etched from the rocks. North of these settlements are the Stitch Catacombs, surrounded by pale grass and gravestones.

The western half is enclosed by lava flows. Among this lava lies the Wasabi Pagoda, with ornate stone bridges linking it with the surrounding areas. North of the Pagoda is the Bones Clubhouse. Nearby, an arrangement of colored rocks around a lava pool creates an interactive organ that uses the lava as music.

Scattered across the realm are various dig sites. Interacting with these gives the player various bones. After collecting all of these, the player will be given a Funkosaurus to place in their Crib.


Double Deuce Diner

Double Deuce Diner is the game room of the Deuce tribe, located in the southeast quadrant. It houses Deuce-Mart and Record Rampage.

Wasabi Pagoda

Wasabi Pagoda is the game room of the Wasabi tribe, located in the southwest quadrant. It houses Wasabi-Mart and Shuriken Master.

Stitch Catacombs

Stitch Catacombs is the game room of the Stitch tribe, located in the northeast quadrant. It houses Stitch-Mart and Stitch Stalker.

Bones Clubhouse

Bones Clubhouse is the game room of the Bones tribe, located in the northwest quadrant. It houses Bones-Mart and Bones Fishin' Hole.


Spelunker's Paradise

Spelunker's Paradise is a shop that sells various insects and cave structures. It contains items such as:

  • Centipedes
  • Beetles
  • Rocks

The Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest is a shop that sells various treasures and statues. It contains items such as:

  • Statues
  • Crowns
  • Coin Piles

Cleaning Stations

Steaming Geyser

Located in the bottom right corner of Magma Gorge, the Steaming Geyser is the only cleaning station in Magma Gorge. You stand over it to get cleaned by its plume.



The portal to Funkeystown is located near the center of the map, just northeast of Wasabi Pagoda.

Funkiki Island

The portal to Funkiki Island is located at the center of the bottom of the map.

Nightmare Rift

The portal to Nightmare Rift is located in the southwest corner, below Wasabi Pagoda. It is not located on the minimap.

Broken Portal

A broken portal is located below Stitch Catacombs.



Base Game: Introduced.

2.0: Added portal to Funkiki Island.

3.0: Added portal to Nightmare Rift.