Speed Racer

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Speed Racer
Series Speed Racer
Zone Royalton Racing Complex
Game Room Racer Motors
Games Speed Racer's Grand Prix
Speed Racer's Pinball
Rarities Common

Speed Racer is a Funkey released with the Speed Racer tie-in expansion. Speed Racer is native to the Royalton Racing Complex.


In game, Speed has two designs, Speed Racer and Speed Racer GP. The Speed that got released was Speed Racer GP. Speed's GP design was out of the 2008 movie "Speed Racer". GP stands for "Grand Prix", since you would play a racing game with him. Speed Racer was designed off of the television and Comic series. This would give access to a pinball game. Speed Racer has his mask on while Speed Racer GP does not.

In-Game Description

As a member of the Racer Family, Speed has been raised to drive from a very young age. It’s been said that Speed was tooling timing pins while still in his Funkey diapers.

Speed Racer is truly a gifted driver, who grew up watching his legendary older brother, Rex Racer, set records in all of the major racing events throughout Terrapinnia. Speed was taught by his brother to “listen to what the car wants” rather than simply drive.

Choosing to stay un-sponsored and never driving without wearing his lucky red socks, Speed has vowed to carry on his brother’s mission; to challenge the corruption rampant throughout the FRL, and restore the purity to the sport!

Although a relative new professional driver in the Funkeys Racing League, Speed is carrying on his family legacy and quickly becoming the crowd favorite.

As the Mach 6 engines roars around the track and equally deafening roar of “Go, Speed Go” can be heard from his cheering Funkey fans!

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal - 142
  • Rare - 149
  • GP - 147


  • Two versions were set to be released, but the alternate version was never released. Subsequently, this lead to Racer Motors being the only game room outside of the crib with two games, though one can only be accessed through cheating.
  • Speed Racer is available exclusively in the Speed Racer Starter Pack.
  • In the Speed Racer Movie, Speed is portrayed by Emile Hirsch, with Nicholas Elia as Speed's younger self. In the movie, Speed is a driver who races for his family's independent company, Racer Motors. He drives in the memory of his brother, Rex, who he believes died during the Casa Cristo 5000.


2.x: Introduced.