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Angus Funkwell is a recurring character in U.B. Funkeys. Introduced in the Funkey Trunk expansion, Angus introduces the player to the mysteries surrounding the Funkey Trunk, the portals, and the Keystones.


Angus is a yellow Funkey with short yet wild grey hair, as well as a white beard that reaches the ground. He wears a pair of light blue goggles with two large lenses and three smaller lenses attached to them. Angus also wears a long blue robe that falls to his feet, as well as a tall backpack that extends well above his head. In cutscenes, Angus speaks with a thick Scottish or Gaelic accent.


Angus appears in every zone (except for the Royalton Racing Complex), appearing within steps of wherever the player enters the zone. He tends to randomly wander around without straying far from that spot.

Upon first interacting with Angus, a small cutscene plays where he describes himself as a "fearless explorer, scientific genius, part-time wizard, and salesman extraordinaire." He also states that he was the only Funkey to enter the "in-between," the space within the portals that is normally closed off to passengers. Angus explains that he has dedicated his life to researching the possibilities unlocked by the in-between's disregard for the laws of science, and states that he has set up his lab there. He then offers the player their Funkey Trunk so they can access Angus's Lab.

The player next meets Angus at his manor, where he shows the player the one thing that he cannot find any more of: a Keystone. Explaining the circumstances of its discovery, he describes that it was given to him by a Familiar that looked just like him, and that he has not seen that Familiar since. He also states that, in addition to his research, he is somewhat obsesses with the discovery of these Keystones.


  • Angus, Dr. Tinker, the Oni, and the Henchmen 2.0 are the only major characters to not have a figure released or designed.
  • According to Jeff Bruneau, an employee of Mattel who worked on the game, a figure for Angus was planned, but never developed or prototyped.


4.5: Introduced.