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The Oni are a non-playable race of Funkeys native to the Hidden Realm.


The Oni, despite being special characters, almost completely follow the traditional figure of a Funkey tribe. They have white skin, accented with red marks around the chin, cheeks, and toes. The Oni have tiny, beady, circular eyes, above a thin flat mouth that stretches all the way across their face. Two long tusks extend from their mouth and go over the red midsection of their face. All Oni wear red bushido armor, and the red and gray shoulder pads and dark gray studded clubs they are equipped with are the only factors that accessorize their shape. Oni are only seen coming in different colors in the specific cases of Kane and King Sidd, who are also Oni themselves.


During the times of the Great Funkey wars of the 3rd Funkazoic Era, the Oni, under the rule of King Sidd, defended their homeland- the mountain kingdom known as the Perilous Verge- by fighting tooth and nail against the invading forces of King Kahn. At an unknown juncture in the war, King Sidd made the decision to isolate his people by shrouding the whole mountain range in enchanted fog, thus making the Verge into a self-proclaimed Hidden Realm.

By the events of the game, Kane, temporarily in charge of managing the Oni, was left on the lower rung of the Hidden Realm to continually train the Oni for the hypothetical event in which the war returned to their homestead. After years of silent isolation and relentless combat training in the Oni Dojo, the Oni population had believed themselves to be the last Funkeys around. When King Sidd sent out his dirigible to begin bringing Funkey warriors to his homeland, Kane and his Oni subjects became immediately apprehensive, and sought to test U.B.'s mettle in the Oni Dojo.

While the Oni themselves never get a speaking role, they are featured alongside Kane in all of his cutscenes, and follow his and King Sidd's will loyally; once Kane begins to respect U.B.'s fighting skills, the Oni follow suit, and pose no additional threat.


The Oni are enemies the player can fight against in Funkey Fighters. They have unique skills, such as a stampede attack in which multiple Oni are summoned. It is not officially possible to play as an Oni, as a figure was never properly prototyped or implemented; however, hacking the game does make it possible to use an unfinished playable Oni, with some UI glitches.