Kelpy Basin

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Kelpy Basin
Funkeys 4
Games 4
Shops 2
Cleaning Stations 1
Portals 3
Enemy Henchman
Access to Funkeystown, Funkiki Island

Kelpy Basin is a realm included with the base game.






Glub Castle

Glub Castle is the game room of the Glub tribe, just north of the Funkeystown portal. It houses Glub-Mart and Fish-Bowling.

Tiki Hut

Tiki Hut is the game room of the Tiki tribe, in the northwest corner of the realm. It houses Tiki-Mart and Bounce N' Break.

Sprout Arboretum

Sprout Arboretum is the game room of the Sprout tribe, just northeast of the center of the realm. It houses Sprout-Mart and Blossom Boogie.

Twinx Haven

Twinx Haven is the game room of the Twinx tribe, in the southeast corner of the realm. It houses Twinx-Mart and Twinx Dream.


Window World

Window World is a shop that sells various windows. It contains items such as:

  • Trimmed Windows
  • Stained Glass Windows

Green Thumb Nursery

Cleaning Stations

Coral Cleaning Fish



The portal to Funkeystown is located in the southwest corner of the map.

Funkiki Island

The portal to Funkiki Island is located in the upper northwest, just beneath Tiki Hut.

Broken Portal

A broken portal is located in the middle east of the map.



Base Game: Introduced.

2.0: Added portal to Funkiki Island.