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Series Dream States
Zone Laputta Station
Game Room Rom Nexus
Game Rom Chat
Rarities Common

Rom is a Chat Funkey released with the Dream States expansion. The Rom tribe is native to Laputta Station.



In-Game Description

Today the Rom are the masters of the #1 communication system in Terrapinia - the World Wide Web, or Funkeynet. However, they were not always so powerful.

Legend has it that the founder of the Rom clan, a mysterious traveler known only as The Ryder, was a struggling sales person living in old Funkeystown. Despite his cheap suit and bad haircut, he was somehow able to win the job of networking the entire tram system, known as the Metro. He turned that one job into a flourishing business, so that today, the Rom manage all of the computer software and network communication throughout Terrapinia!

Recently, the famous Rom nerd Billiam Gaytes believed that he had created an upgrade that would allow for all Rom to more efficiently use the Funkeynet. The said this upgrade would allow the Rom to see the Funkeynet more clearly, or as he put it, "Like looking through the window at the beautiful Vista!" At least that was the intention...

Unfortunately, this upgrade didn't work as it was intended. While the upgrade helps the Rom remember excruciating details about Funkeys they've met only once, they often forget other, more important details in life. The upgrade has caused the Rom networks to flow erratically, and they often either leak data, both soft and hard data, or their networking lines become so clogged with data they have to be cleaned out - quite a long and painful process.

The Rom speak in a language that is entirely incomprehensible to other Funkey. While it sounds normal at first, they tend to rearrange letters in a kind of code that only Roms understand. No one is really sure why they do this but the language has become known as UMOC. The Rom and their followers find this language code very funny, but it's quite indecipherable to your average Funkey. I guess you have to be a Rom to get their humor?

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal - 206


To any Funkey

  • Hello! My Name Is ROM
  • Sometimes, if I really get scared, I long for my motherboard.
  • You look familiar. I know I've seen your screensaver somewhere before.
  • UB Funkeys are a little "dial-up" when it comes to processing data, if you know what I mean.
  • If you want the latest download, log on to the FunkeyNet. Everything else is snail mail.
  • Why'd the CPU cross the road? 010 11 10101! LOL!

To U.B.

  • Always remember, U.B. Very important.

To Master Lox

  • Master Lox!!! Oops I think I just made an unscheduled download.

To Henchman

  • A Master Lox Henchman! You know, you look just like an Uncle of mine.

To Mayor Sayso

  • Mayor Sayso, I have a brillant idea: switch all the street signs in Funkeystown to UMOC!

To Jerry Pearl

  • Jerry it simply doesn't not compute that all you Funkiki Island beach bums could live without the FunkeyNet. What do you sit infront of all day?

To Pineapple King

  • You know your Highness, just say the word and we ROM will wire all of Funkiki Island for FunkeyNet access. It'll just be like being in the heart of Funkeystown!

To Native

  • It's a little known fact is that the first FunkeyNet was made by running string between halves of coconuts! Oh and no, Mr. Native, I don't have any coconuts,now.


  • The entrepreneur known as Billiam Gaytes is a reference to Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. His quote is a reference to Windows Vista.


3.0: Introduced.