Master Lox (Figure)

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Master Lox
Series Dream States
Zone Funkeystown
Game Room The Villain's Den
Game Coin Cascade
Rarities Common

Master Lox is a special Funkey released in the Funkeystown Adventure Pack.


Master Lox, or at least the attire that makes up his anonymous persona, wears a keyhole-shaped mask with red eyes and angry eyebrows. Wide shoulder pads- which are actually metal plates held up by mechanical arms- define his tall, squared shape. His whole body is draped in a waving black cloak.

In-Game Description

Not much is known about the mysterious and evil Master Lox, other than the fact that he is the greatest threat to Funkey society since the great Funkey wars of the Third Funkazoic Era!

Master Lox first appeared after the destruction of the Great Disaster, and has been causing trouble for the Funkeys ever since. Some believe that it was Master Lox himself that caused the Great Disaster, while others believe that the Great Disaster caused Master Lox, but regardless, all Funkeys agree that he is quite the dubious character.

Master Lox is constantly dreaming up new and ever increasingly dubious ways to take over Funkeystown and all of Terrapinia so that he can impose his idea of what Funkeys society should be. With his disdain for the quirky individuality of each Funkey tribe, Master Lox wants to rule Funkeys with an iron fist. He seeks conformity and rigid order in everything, and has the motto "Every Funkey in its proper place!" If it were up to Master Lox, he would rename the Funkeys something like the "Conform-keys" or the "Hyper-Efficiency-Makes-the-Proletariat-Happy-keys." So it is the Funkeys' duty to prevent this from ever happening.

It was Master Lox who has somehow locked the remaining functional portals so that only certain Funkeys are allowed access throughout the land. It is also Master Lox who created those bothersome Henchmen. It is unknown what new and evil plans he is currently scheming, but it is assured that whatever it is, it will not be good for the peaceful inhabitants of Terrapinia.

Keep up the brave fight, Funkeys!

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal - 247

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