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Funkeystown Overview.jpg
Funkeys Scratch, Lotus, Waggs, Drift, Holler, Gabby, Master Lox, Henchman, Mayor Sayso
Games 8 (2 chats)
Shops Test
Cleaning Stations 4
Portals Laputta Station, Kelpy Basin, Funkiki Island, Daydream Oasis, Nightmare Rift, Paradox Green, Hidden Realm, Royalton Racing Complex, Royalton Racing Complex Grandstands, Angus Manor (3 Broken)
Access to All Funkeys

Funkeystown is a realm included with the base game. It is the first realm that the player enters, and acts as the main hub for Terrapinia. Any Funkey can enter Funkeystown, and all portals and zones can be accessed here. The Grand Funkey Station can be found here, where Mayor Sayso gives tips to players, alongside the Great Terrapinia Library, where Funkeys can read about the various Funkey tribes.


Funkeystown's design is based on a coastal city with the trademark Funkeys aesthetic. It is bordered on three sides by round mountains, and meets the ocean in the south.

The northwest quadrant contains a suburban gathering of houses (presumably where the Crib is located). It also contains Pondering Park, Angus Manor, the Perfume Pansy, and the portal to Magma Gorge.

The northeast contains various attractions, such as the Funkeystown Museum, Drift Raceway, Crystal Clean Choppers, and the portal to Laputta Station, as well as access to the Royalton Racing Complex and its grandstands.

The center of Funkeystown contains many businesses and markets, including U.F.U.N.K. Studios, Waggs University, and the Funkeystown Shopping District. The portals to Nightmare Rift and Paradox Green are also located here.

The south is bordered by the ocean, and contains a pier where many commercial and civilian boats are docked. This area contains the portals to Kelpy Basin, Daydream Oasis, Funkiki Island, and the Hidden Realm, as well as the Dot Spot, the Villains Den, and the Fish Fountain.

Funkeystown is the most varied zone in terms of Funkeys. It also contains the most shops, cleaning stations, game rooms, and portals.

Funkeystown is the only zone with access to Paradox Green, the Hidden Realm, and the Royalton Racing Complex.


Pondering Park

Pondering Park is the area to enter in order to gain access to the Funk-Jongg game. It does not have an interior.

Funkeystown Museum

The Funkeystown Museum is a room open to all tribes of Funkeys. It has no shop and simply houses Museum Mask Mayhem.

Grand Funkey Station

Located at the center of Funkeystown, Grand Funkey Station provides access to Mayor Sayso's help desk and the Crib Tram, which allowed access to other players' Cribs until the servers were taken offline.

Da Scratch Club

Da Scratch Club is the game room for the Scratch tribe. It is unique in that it is the only game room that makes sound effects when you stand near it. Da Scratch Club houses the Scratch Mart shot and Mix Master Scratch!.

Lotus Sanctuary

Lotus Sanctuary is the game room for the Lotus tribe, located just above the Funkiki Island portal. Lotus Sanctuary houses the Lotus Mart shop and Heart Hoopla.

Drift Raceway

Drift Raceway is the game room for the Drift tribe, located just south of the Funkeystown Museum. It was added in the Dream States expansion. Drift Raceway houses the Drift Mart and Flipper Fever.

Strangely, and likely due to a bug, this room was originally simply called "Drift".

Waggs University

Waggs University is the game room for the Waggs tribe, located behind the Grand Funkey Station. It was added in the Dream States expansion. Waggs University houses the Waggs Mart and Wagg-Words.

The Dot Spot

The Dot Spot is the game room for the Dot tribe, located between the Great Terrapinia Library and the Kelpy Basin portal. It was added in the Dream States expansion. The Dot Spot houses the Dot-Market and Dot Shot.

Since Dot was never released to the general public, the Dot Spot is mainly accessed though Mayor Sayso or the Dot familiar.

U.F.U.N.K. Studios

U.F.U.N.K. Studios is the game room for the Holler tribe, located a few paces north of Funkeystown's spawn point. It was added in the Dream States expansion. U.F.U.N.K. Studios houses the Holler Mart and Holler Chat.

Gabby Abbey

Gabby Abbey is the game room for the Gabby tribe, located across the bridge from the Nightmare Rift portal. It was added in the Dream States expansion. Gabby Abbey houses the Gabby Mart and Gabby Chat.

The Villain's Den

The Villain's Den is the game room for the Henchmen and Master Lox. It was added in the Dream States expansion. The Villain's Den has no shop and simply houses Coin Cascade.

Great Terrapinia Library

The Great Terrapinia Library is a room between the portals to Kelpy Basin and Daydream Oasis. It has no game, but houses the Funkey Codex, where one can learn about all of the known tribes of Terrapinia.

Shopping District

The Shopping District is located in the center of the zone, to the northeast of the spawn point. It contains many shops that cater to individual styles of furniture, such as seating, paint, floors, lighting, electronics, etc.

Funkeystown Fine Rides

Funkeystown Fine Rides is a shop located south of Pondering Park. Owned by Con, it sells a variety of cars, and adds the Garage to your Crib when one is purchased. It was added in the Dream States expansion.

Cleaning Stations

Perfume Pansy

The Perfume Pansy is located to the east of Angus Manor. It cleans by spraying perfume on your Funkey. On Mondays, Sprout gives a quest at this location.

Crystal Clean Choppers

Crystal Clean Choppers is located to the north of Lotus Sanctuary and the Funkiki Island portal. Styled after a dental office, the Funkey is cleaned through a dental exam.

Funkeystown Suds

Funkeystown Suds is located directly to the east of Funkeystown's spawn point. It is styled after a classic car wash.

Funkeystown Fish Fountain

The Funkeystown Fish Fountain is located to the north of the Kelpy Basin portal. Styled after a park fountain, it sprays a powerful blast of water on the Funkey.


Magma Gorge

The portal to Magma Gorge is located in the top left corner of the map.

Laputta Station

The portal to Laputta Station is located in the top right of the map, next to the entrance to the Royalton Racing Complex.

Kelpy Basin

The portal to Kelpy Basin is located at the bottom of the map, right next to the water.

Funkiki Island

The portal to Funkiki Island is located in the bottom right of the map, below Lotus Sanctuary.

Daydream Oasis

The portal to Daydream Oasis is located in the bottom left of the map, above the Villain's Den.

Nightmare Rift

The portal to Nightmare Rift is located above the upper left corner of the Shopping District.

Paradox Green

The portal to Paradox Green is located above the upper right corner of the Shopping District.

Hidden Realm

The portal to the Hidden Realm is the large ship docked below the Daydream Oasis portal.

Royalton Racing Complex

The portal to the Royalton Racing Complex is the tunnel located just above the Drift Raceway.

Royalton Racing Complex Grandstands

The portal to the Royalton Racing Complex is the smaller tunnel located above both Drift Raceway and the main entrance to the Complex. This simply leads to a grandstand where many Funkeys are spectating the races.

Angus Manor

The portal to Angus Manor is located inside of the intricate house built into the western cliffs of Funkeystown.



Base Game: Introduced.

2.0: Cleaning stations and portal to Funkiki Island added.

2.x: Portals to Royalton Racing Complex and Royalton Racing Complex Grandstands added.

3.0: U.F.U.N.K. Studios, Gabby Abbey, Drift Raceway, Waggs University, Funkeystown Fine Rides, and portal to Nightmare Rift added.

3.05: The Dot Spot added.

3.1: The Villain's Den and portal to Daydream Oasis added.

4.0: Leaderboard and portal to Hidden Realm added.

4.5: Angus Manor added.

5.0: Portal to Paradox Green added.