Paradox Green

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Paradox Green
Funkeys 4
Games 4
Shops 0
Cleaning Stations 0
Portals 2
Enemy Henchman 2.0
Access to Funkeystown

Paradox Green is a realm released with the Paradox Green expansion.


Paradox Green is designed after the four seasons. Each area's concept is based off of one of these periods. Each is separated by deep chasms caused by the attacks of the Henchmen 2.0. Despite this, they are still connected through various ad-libbed bridges, such as metal paneling, logs, and wooden planks.

The quarter to the northeast is home to the Mulch, and it is designed after the season of spring. This area is covered in gardens and farms, as well as the environmentally friendly technologies created by the Mulch. The Mulch Co-Op sits at the top of this section. The Reclamation Station, a yellow building in the center of the quadrant, allows Funkeys to recycle their old or unwanted furniture items, receiving coins in return.

The quarter to the southeast is home to the Rastro, and it is designed after the season of summer. This area is covered with an eggshell substance that resembles plaster or concrete. Various spikes and pillars sprout from this floor. A pit in the middle of the compound contains 3rd Eye Science Labs, the largest item in the section. There is also a large water-based organ in this area that will play various notes based on what color is selected.

The quarter to the southwest is home to the Tadd, and it is designed after the season of fall. This area is filled with vibrant red, orange, yellow, and brown trees, as well as treehouse huts with thatched roofs. A stream runs through this part, leading to a large pond where the Tadd Pad is located.

The quarter to the northwest is home to the Ace, and it is designed after the season of winter. This area is polluted and covered in snow. It is dotted with various machines, used for preparing the ground and cutting trees. A large, imposing factory takes up much of the area, and in front of it is the Ace Hangar, the Ace's base of operations. To the north, a set of rails leads off toward the horizon.

In the center of Paradox Green is the Gnomon Tree. This large tree keeps the four seasons of Paradox Green connected and united. However, it is currently occupied by Master Lox's forces, and a Henchman 2.0 stands guard at each corner.




Mulch Co-Op

Mulch Co-Op is the game room of the Mulch tribe, located to the north of the gardens in the northeast quadrant. It houses Mulch-Market and Organic Creations.

3rd Eye Science Labs

3rd Eye Science Labs is the game room of the Rastro tribe, located over a deep pit in the center of the southeast quadrant. It houses Rastro-Market and Rasteroids.

Tadd Pad

Tadd Pad is the game room of the Tadd tribe, located in a large lake in the northernmost part of the southwest quadrant. It houses Tadd-Market and Lillytadd Tiles.

Ace Hanger

Ace Hanger is the game room of the Ace tribe, located in the center of the northwest quadrant. It houses Ace-Market and Operation: Fightplan! - representing Winter.



A portal to Funkeystown is located in the center of the autumn quarter, to the southwest. It is accessible to everyone.

Broken Portal

A broken portal is located directly to the left of Mulch Co-Op.




  • Paradox Green was the final realm added to the game.


5.0: Introduced.