Lillytadd Tiles

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Lillytadd Tiles is a multiplayer game located in Paradox Green's Tadd Pad. It is accessible to the Tadd tribe.

Lillytadd Tiles' preview.


When the Tadd aren't busy creating new Funkeopathic remedies or cooking with organic foods, they like to spend their time playing Lillytadd Tiles!

To play, Click your Tile and select the position on the lilypad, making sure that the number of dots on one side of your tile matches an already placed tile. If none of your tiles can be placed, you will pick up additional tiles from the deck until you have a tile that can be played.

Be fast though! You only have 1 minute to play each turn, and if you miss 3 turns, you automatically forfeit the match!

Each game consists of 3 rounds of play. The objective is to score the most points and be the first player to play all your tiles. Bonus points increase in value each round and are awarded for tiles remaining in your opponent's hand when you play your last tile!


  • At 200 points, you will receive 20 coins.
  • At 350 points, you will receive 40 coins.
  • At 450 points, you will receive 60 coins.
  • At 550 points, you will receive 80 coins.
  • At 650 points, you will receive 120 coins.
  • At 700 points, you will receive 200 coins.


Lillytadd Tiles' trophy.
  • At a score of 600, you will be able to play Lillytadd Tiles in your Crib's Gameroom.
  • At a score of 650, you will receive the trophy for Lillytadd Tiles.
  • At a score of 700, you will receive the Jeremiah.
  • At a cumulative score of 6,000, you will receive the Tadd Tonic.