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The Crib is the player's home. It consists of four rooms: the Living Room, the Game Room, the Trophy Room, and the Garage.


Upon first entering your Crib, you may select from one of six layouts, featuring different door placements and occasionally separate floors.

The Crib can be decorated with several kinds of furniture, floors, and paints. However, furniture can only be placed in the Living Room and Garage.

Players could have accessed their friends' Cribs through Grand Funkey Station. They could choose to visit a specific player's home, or visit a random Crib. This feature was disabled after the servers were taken offline.

Living Room

The Living Room is the main room of the crib, and is the only room with access to more than one room. Upon first entering the living room, you may select from six layouts.

Game Room

The Game Room features a portal where you can access various media collected through your playthrough. This room gives access to unlocked games, chats, and cutscenes. Games accessed through the Game Room do not require the game's Funkey to be played.

Trophy Room

The Trophy Room holds a display for any non-furniture items collected. The top of the wall holds any trophies collected from games. The middle row holds any gems from the game's expansions (Funkiki Island, Daydream Oasis, Nightmare Rift, Hidden Realm, Paradox Green). The bottom row holds the gems from Funkeystown, Kelpy Basin, Magma Gorge, and Laputta Station.

Originally, the Trophy Room had a much simpler design. Before the Dream State update, this room had a shelf for every available trophy, as well as slots for each gem available at the time.


The Garage is the only room not immediately available upon creating the Crib. The Garage is added to your Crib after you buy your first car from Con.

Like the Living Room, the Garage can hold furniture.