Racer X

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Racer X
Series Speed Racer
Zone Royalton Racing Complex
Game Room Racer X Garage
Game Racer X Rumble
Rarities Common, Rare, Very Rare

Racer X is a Funkey released with the Speed Racer tie-in expansion. Racer X is native to the Royalton Racing Complex.



In-Game Description

Funkeys Racing League’s most mysterious driver, little is known about the masked Funkey known as Racer X. Who is the Funkey behind the mask? Where did he come from? Where is he heading (other then than the finish line)?

Although his past is shrouded in secrecy, his skill as a racer is there for all to see with velocity unmatched by all but the greatest racers in the League. It is possible that you could blink and miss him as he races by. However, as anyone who has the chance to watch a race will attest, there’s no missing the sonic boom of his engines as he screams down the track.

Both feared and revered, Racer X has earned the nickname “Harbinger of Boom”. It is said that if Racer X is in a race, the crowd is guaranteed to see some truly spectacular crashes! Racer X is Funkeys Racing League’s biggest wild card.

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal - 95
  • Rare - 96
  • Very Rare - 97


  • In the Speed Racer movie, Racer X is portrayed by Matthew Fox. In the film, Racer X is the alternate identity of Rex Racer (portrayed by Scott Porter), the older brother of Speed. Rex supposedly died in a crash during the Casa Cristo 5000. However, it is revealed that he faked his own death and underwent plastic surgery, becoming a masked vigilante sworn to protect Speed and the sport of racing.


2.x: Introduced.