Nightmare Rift

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Nightmare Rift
Funkeys 4
Games 4
Shops 2
Cleaning Stations 2
Portals 3
Enemy Goya
Access to Funkeystown, Magma Gorge, Daydream Oasis

Nightmare Rift is a realm released with the Dream States expansion.


Nightmare Rift is a realm born of all the nightmares and fears of the Funkeys. It consists of landscapes of war, gore, ruin, and destruction.

The northwest quadrant is known as the Shadow Sands. It is a desert with many Egyptian-style sandstone ruins. A seemingly bottomless pit rests at the top. Near the entrance, there is a large orange button of unknown function. Above this, there is a Sphinx who can be challenged every day at the cost of 10 coins. If you win its challenge, consisting of trivia questions about the Funkey tribes, you will be rewarded with 100 coins. At the center of the Shadow Sands lies the Ptep Pyramid.

The southwest quadrant is known as the Warscape. It is a dark, slate plane of death and destruction. Ruins dot the land, as well as barbed wire and fortifications. A Coin Creeper lies at the top of this section. In the middle of the rocks is the Snipe HQ.

The southeast section is called the Haunted Peak. It is a steep mountain surrounded by a land of gore and flesh. Mouths, eyes, and tendrils protrude from the pink flesh. A cleaning station lies at the bottom left, with a worm-like creature lying next to it. This creature is lined with coins, and it clutches a large coin. If the player takes this coin, the creature will attack and dirty the player. At the top of the mountain stands the Vlurp Keep.

The northeast section is called the Heap. It is a large scrapheap, piled high with broken cars and mechanical parts. A strange mechanical face, surrounded by electric conduits, offers words of wisdom to those who interact with it. At the center of this junkyard lies the Sprocket Shanty.

Dotted across Nightmare Rift are dark fishing holes, similar to those found on Funkiki Island. Inside, the player can catch various insects and viscera.




Sprocket Shanty

Sprocket Shanty is the game room of the Sprocket tribe, located at the center of the Heap. It houses Sprocket-Market and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Sprocket.

Vlurp Keep

Vlurp Keep is the game room of the Vlurp tribe, located atop the Haunted Peak. It houses Vlurp-Market and Perplexing Paths.

Snipe HQ

Snipe HQ is the game room of the Snipe tribe, located inside the Warscape. It houses Snipe-Market and Bombastic Billiards.

Ptep Pyramid

Ptep Pyramid is the game room of the Ptep tribe, located at the center of the Shadow Sands. It houses Ptep-Market and Pyramid Puzzler.


Nasty Yuk Emporium

A shop located in the gore portion of the realm, next to the entrace of the Haunted Peak. Its shopkeeper is a Normal Ptep.

The Rift Armory

A shop located near Snipe HQ inside the Warscape. Its shopkeeper is a Normal Snipe.

Cleaning Stations

Starving Squirmers

Lickety Pit



The portal to Funkeystown is located in the northeast corner of the map.

Magma Gorge

The portal to Magma Gorge is located in the west of the map, just below Ptep Pyramid.

Daydream Oasis

The portal to Daydream Oasis is located in the southeast corner of the map.




3.0: Introduced.

3.1: Added portal to Daydream Oasis.