Hidden Realm

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Hidden Realm
Funkeys 6
Games 4
Shops None
Cleaning Stations None
Portals 1
Enemy Kane
Access to Funkeystown

The Hidden Realm is a realm added with the Hidden Realm expansion. Unlike all the other realms in the game, this realm is accessible to all Funkeys, but only Singe, Raj, Bomble, Yang, Maul and Nectar can access the Oni Dojo.


The Hidden Realm is a town located on a tall mountain far away from civilization. The architecture is largely based on Asian cultures, such as those of China and Japan. A series of steps leads up to the secluded peak of the mountain. Each set of steps is closed off by a gate. Each gate can be opened by standing a certain number of unique Funkeys at its base. The first requires 3, the second 5 the third 7, and the final 10.

At the mountain's base is a small village. This area contains the Oni Dojo and the dirigible to Funkeystown. Near the dojo, there is a Wishing Tree where one can write a wish on a paper crane.

After the first gate, The Forge is accessible to the player.

Past the second gate, various gimmicks become available. Various lanterns can be clicked to light them. The Prayer Candle and Daruma also become available. The entrance to Sushi Showdown is just before the third gate.

After the third gate, Jade Jumble becomes accessible.

After the fourth gate, the player reaches the summit of the mountain. There, they may talk with King Sidd. In addition, they may go to the edge of the mountain and find a telescope. After paying a small amount of coins, they may look through and see a random region of Terrapinia. Plink Plonk Funk also becomes available at this time.


Kane, Oni, Enlightening Path, King Sidd, some telescope thing, the end.


Oni Dojo

The Oni Dojo is the only game room in the Hidden Realm. It houses Funkey Fighters. It is only accessible to the Singe, Raj, Bomble, Yang, Maul and Nectar tribes.


Sushi Showdown

Sushi Showdown is located after the second gate.

Jade Jumble

Jade Jumble is located after the third gate.

Plink Plonk Funk

Plink Plonk Funk is located at the top of the mountain.



The Hidden Realm dirigible, granting transport between Funkeystown and the Hidden Realm, is the only portal in the zone, resting in the southwest corner of the map.



4.0: Introduced.

5.0: Maul and Nectar added.