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Series Paradox Green
Zone Funkiki Island
Game Room Tadd Pad
Game Lillytadd Tiles
Rarities Very Rare

Tadd is a Funkey released with the Paradox Green expansion. The Tadd tribe is native to Paradox Green.


The Tadd are based on frogs, with peachy, skin-colored bellies and chins, red eyes featured on the bumps on the Funkey's head, and a face-wide mouth with two tiny nostrils. Common Tadd is green, Rare Tadd is blue, and Very Rare Tadd, the only rarity with a commercial release, is black.

In-Game Description

The Tadd have intertwined their lives with the fresh world. Practitioners of nature's magic, the Tadd, like the Lotus, derive their strength from raw Terra. Some Funkeys say the Tadd lost their faith in science and progress. But it's more a belief that any problem can be dealt with using the simple tools of nature, and the little bits of magic everything contains, rather than dependent on technological advances. Creating powerful organic foods and funkeopathic medicines, the Tadd can turn any plant, rock, or animal into a healthy treat that will make the biggest city dwelling Funkey into a bona fide tree hugger! The Tadd aren't stuck in the stone age, they're embracing the new age.

Always born as twins, the Tadd are fiercely connected to their sibling, but once each year, in accordance with Tadd tradition, the Tadd must journey out on their own, away from their twin. This journey is undertaken in order to strengthen their bond with the great Mother Terrapin. It is written in the scrolls that "Some Tadd will rise to get to the heard of Terrapinia." Each Tadd must travel across the land and endure many a hardship in order to find to the most perfect place in all of Terrapinia.

You would think that the most perfect place in all of Terrapinia would be crowded with Tadd, but it means different things to different Tadd. One Tadd may believe that a hidden grove deep in a forest of piney woods is the perfect place, while another may believe a secluded cove on the shores of Lake Kai to be more perfect, and another still may believe a shimmering crystal cave deep within the frigid murk to be perfection. In this, the pursuit for the most perfect place in Terrapinia is really a journey for Tadd to find themselves as an individual, or as the Tadd saying goes: "No matter where you go, there you are."

Despite the differences of location, there is a singular mission that each Tadd must perform when they find their perfect place, their perfect self, and they are truly at peace. Each Tadd Must share their story with the land. They carve an urn from drift wood or a fallen tree. place their story in it and bury it. Like sailors putting a message in a bottle, the Tadd give their greatest gift back to Terrapinia. In the shadow of the moon, the spiral light of the stars rising first and shining best, while the crickets and cicadas sing, the Tadd tell their story. And the Earth learns.

The Tadd then reunite with their twin. Both having faced mysteries dark and vast, and are inspired by light, song and color. They are confident in knowledge that they have helped shape the natural beauty of Terrapinia. But back in Paradox Green, the wings of fortunate beat like rain. They are back in Paradox Green for good or ill again, for good or ill again.

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal (Green) - 280
  • Rare (Blue) - 284
  • Very Rare (Black) - 291

These values can be inputted into the Funkeys Selection Mod to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal (Green) - 00000118
  • Rare (Blue) - 0000011C
  • Very Rare (Black) - 00000123


To any Funkey

  • Hello! My Name Is Tadd
  • You ever have Tadd's Organic Trailmix? We make it with bark, twigs, leaves, and Lulu berries.
  • People call us Tree Huggers, but I like to just consider myself 'Touchy Feely'.
  • We Tadd keep our minds and bodies clean with a steady diet of organics, funkeopathics, and vigorous hopping.
  • Hey, don't tell anyone, but I am actually impersonating my twin brother.
  • I heard that the Lucky found the Rainbow Connection. All the lovers and dreamers are going to see it.

To U.B.

  • Make sure you choose organic foods, U.B. You don't want any unwanted Master Lox toxins in your system.

To Master Lox

  • Maybe you wouldn't be so grumpy Master Lox if you changed your diet to organic.

To Henchman

  • Sorry, Henchman, but this is a place for peace, not taxation.

To Mayor Sayso

  • The Tadd would like to petition you for some new parks to be created in Funkeystown; especially ones with lily pads!

To Jerry Pearl

  • Sorry, I don't think I can hang at the beach with you Jerry. The Tadd like their water murky.

To Pineapple King

  • I know some really wonderful Funkeopathic remedies for that rough pineapple complexion.

To Native

  • Hello Mr. Native, do the coconut trees have good sitting leaves?


  • Due to the imminent shutdown of the game, only the Very Rare version of Tadd was produced. The developers wished to give the players one final gift, as the Very Rare Funkeys could access the most content.



5.0: Introduced.