Jongg Challenge

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Jongg Challenge is a multiplayer game located in Daydream Oasis's Dyer Digs. It is accessible by the Dyer tribe.

Jongg Challenge's preview.


When not participating in an "extended deep thought session", the Dyer love to play Jongg Challenge! The object is to remove as many available tile pairs as possible during your turn. Playable tiles are not covered by any other tiles and have a free space on their left or right edge. Utilize bonus tiles to get points and outmaneuver your opponent. You can put your mouse over any tile to preview its value and to get further information.

Click two Time Bonus tiles to get extra time.

Click one Freeze tile to pause the timer to give yourself a chance to look for matches. You can't make matches while the timer is frozen.

Click on Shuffle tile to shuffle all the tiles.

Pair the Magic tile with any tile that is free on the left or right edge to magically pair the tiles. However you won't get any points for this match.


  • At 1,500 points, you will receive 16 coins.
  • At 3,000 points, you will receive 32 coins.
  • At 5,500 points, you will receive 64 coins.
  • At 6,000 points, you will receive 88 coins.
  • At 7,000 points, you will receive 96 coins.
  • At 10,500 points, you will receive 104 coins.


Jongg Challenge's trophy.
  • At 5,500 points, you will be able to play Jongg Challenge in your Crib's Gameroom.
  • At 6,000 points, you will receive the trophy for Jongg Challenge.
  • At 7,000 points, you will receive the Dyer Jongg Tile.
  • At 130,000 cumulative points, you will receive a Dreamcatcher feather.