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Welcome to The Official Community made U.B. Funkeys Wiki!

Hello! Thank you for visiting the Community made U.B. Funkeys Wiki!

If you would like to help contribute to our wiki you will have to create an account, this is to stop spam and tampering with the site.

Want to hop right into the wiki? You can find all the pages here, or start at a random one here!

What is the purpose of this wiki site?

This wiki has been created for a couple of reasons:

• To keep the memory of this beloved classic game.

• To provide knowledge about the world of U.B. Funkeys to the newer generations.

• To guide users who are still playing.

• To celebrate an amazing community.

• To provide closure to those of us who are/were unable to finish the game.

And a few other reasons personal to each member of the community.

Connect with the community

Our Discord: KHAJqxfMvK (Updated)

Subreddit: /R/UBFunkeys

Twitter: @UBFunkeysWiki (Currently Inactive)

YouTube: U.B. Funkeys Community Wiki (Currently Paused)