A Fantastic Development

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A Fantastic Development is a cutscene in Funkeystown, Kelpy Basin, Magma Gorge and Laputta Station. It is shown upon receiving your second Gem shard in each realm.

Image Speaker Transcript
AFantasticDevelopmentCutscene1FT.jpgAFantasticDevelopmentCutscene1KB.jpgAFantasticDevelopmentCutscene1MG.jpgAFantasticDevelopmentCutscene1LS.jpg Mayor Sayso Great Tinker's ghost! You've found another Gem shard! This is a fantastic development. If we can reunite the Gem shards we can regain their once awesome power. If there are more, we must find them!
AFantasticDevelopmentCutscene2.jpg Hmmmm......a complete Gem could be the answer to destroying the Henchmen. Master Lox fears the power of these Gems and even now has his Henchmen searching to find other shards. We must find them first!