A Shard is Found

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A Shard is Found is a cutscene in Funkeystown, Kelpy Basin, Magma Gorge and Laputta Station. It is shown upon receiving your first Gem Shard in each realm.

Image Speaker Transcript
AShardIsFoundCutscene1FT.jpgAShardIsFoundCutscene1KB.jpgAShardIsFoundCutscene1MG.jpgAShardIsFoundCutscene1LS.jpg Mayor Sayso Warning! You now have in your possession a powerful Gem shard! Guard it carefully!
AShardIsFoundCutscene2.jpg Master Lox will stop at nothing to gain this Shard. I'm sure that even now his Henchmen are alerting him that it has been found.
AShardIsFoundCutscene3FT.jpgAShardIsFoundCutscene3KB.jpgAShardIsFoundCutscene3MG.jpgAShardIsFoundCutscene3LS.jpg No one knows for sure how many Gem Shards have survived the explosions of the GREAT DISASTER. Perhaps there are more?