Unnamed Kooties Cutscene

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Unnamed Kooties Cutscene was a cutscene in Funkeystown, Kelpy Basin, Laputta Station, Magma Gorge, and Funkiki Island. It is assumed to have played upon using a Cleaning Station when dirty before the Dream States update, as it used to take up to 5 Cleaning Stations to become fully clean prior to the update.

Image Speaker Transcript
KootiesCutscene1.jpg Mayor Sayso You look good, but not great. Definitely better, but you missed a spot... a lot of THOSE spots actually. Its going to take a bit more then just one cleaning to get rid of all those Kooties.
KootiesCutscene2.jpg Good news - you've managed to get a bit cleaner! Bad News - the Kooties really do love you and don't plan on leaving any time soon! Remember, if you don't clean yourself regularly, over time, the Kooties will continue to cover you with grime grease and gunk until you are one Filthy Funkey!