Welcome to Daydream Oasis

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Welcome to Daydream Oasis is a cutscene in Daydream Oasis. It is shown when the player enters Daydream Oasis for the first time.

Image Speaker Transcript
WelcomeToDaydreamOasis1.jpg Marshall Welcome to Daydream Oasis. Don't let the dreamy name fool you though; mess up in here and you might up taking a permanent nap! So listen up, and I'll give you the low down on these here parts.
WelcomeToDaydreamOasis2.jpg Even the finest sailors in Funkeystown would have trouble navigating the blinding waves of the Fractal Sea...of course, the Tank are no ordinary swabbies, and have docked their Funkmarine at the edge of its shimmering shores.
WelcomeToDaydreamOasis3.jpg Following the rainbows in the Cumulus Cayes, will lead you to the home of the Lucky. You wouldn't guess it to look at them, but the Lucky are the toughest Funkeys you will ever run across.
WelcomeToDaydreamOasis4.jpg The Dyer have set up their digs in the Fungi Forest. While they call themselves "heavy thinkers," most Funkeys just call them plain old lazy. I call them the funkiest of the Funkeys, but that's only because they never wash.
WelcomeToDaydreamOasis5.jpg The Berger cheesesmiths craft their legendary banana split cheddar in the Great Dairy Divide. I recon its cream-dreamy sweetness is the finest you will ever taste! Too bad the Berger themselves are all lactose intolerant!
WelcomeToDaydreamOasis6.jpg Oh, yeah, one final warning...make sure to watch your step around here! Never can tell what may, or may not, pop up. Let's get moving.