Welcome to Nightmare Rift

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Welcome to Nightmare Rift is a cutscene in Nightmare Rift. It is shown when the player enters Nightmare Rift for the first time.

Image Speaker Transcript
WelcomeToNightmareRift1.jpg Marshall Well...here it is...the Nightmare Rift. Not exactly the kind of place that makes for a pleasant night's sleep.
WelcomeToNightmareRift2.jpg Over there, you'll find the Warscape. There's no nightmare as scary as war, but that doesn't seem to bother the Snipe. If you ask them they eat danger for breakfast...
WelcomeToNightmareRift3.jpg Here in the north you'll find the Heap, the place where all broken dreams wind up. Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here. The Sprocket call it home, though. Guess one Funkey's junkyard is another's paradise.
WelcomeToNightmareRift4.jpg The Shadow Sands have swallowed up many an ancient Funkeys civilization, along with all its hopes and dreams. But the Ptep remain to guard the secrets that are no longer secret ... or maybe the secret is that there are no secrets left to guard...
WelcomeToNightmareRift5.jpg Up there is Haunted Peak, the stuff night terrors are made of. Even so, its inhabitants, the Vlurp, are some of the most peaceful Funkeys you'll find. Too bad they are so misunderstood...
WelcomeToNightmareRift6.jpg We'd better get moving. But one last thing: Stay focused and keep your eyes on the skies... if you want to get out of here.